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AP CM campaign was meaningless in GHMC elections - KCR


Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu's campaign was meaningless in GHMC elections. " There are number of cities in Andhra Pradesh. He can develop cities and towns from Hindupur to Ichapuram," he said .

Addressing media on Thursday as part of party campaign for GHMC elections, KCR sought to alley the apprehensions among the Seemandhra people about discrimination against them. He said he had never hostile to Andhras even when he was fighting for Telangana. " I did talk against Andhras. It should not be construed as anti-Andhra talk. I talked against the those Andhras who were opposed to the formation Telangana state," he said.

He said he chose to e-campaign as the physical touring of various divisions would cause unnecessary traffic problems. " Everybody is watching TV these days hence I have chosen this e-campaign," he said. “TRS was a movement-party till yesterday. Today it is a true political party. Proud to be a Hyderabadi -is our motto now. All those living in Hyderabad, whether they are Malayalis or somebody else, are Hyderabadis. Even if Chandrababu Naidu wants to incite regional feeling, he would not succeed. Hyderabad is peaceful now. Don't disturb the harmony among the people of other states living in Hyderabad," he cautioned.

The CM urged the people of twin cities not to vote for a different party in GHMC when one party was in power at state level. Appealing to the GHMC voters on the need to have same party in power at the state and the GHMC levels, he said, " The cart will not move ahead smoothly if you tie a bull on one side and the buffalo on the other side. Cart should have two animals of same strength, and same category." In directly he was advising people not to elect any other party as TRS was at the state level and vote for TRS alone.

He urged the people to analyse the histories of various parties which ruled the GHMC and the TRS before voting. " No party in the fray is new to Hyderabad people. Congress ruled for 40 years. TDP also ruled for some time. MIM was also ruled the GHMC. But what was their contribution. There was no power, no public latrines, bus stations, shelters for attendants of patients who visit the hospital," he said.

Talking about power supply, he said, what could not be achieved in 60 year TRS had achieved in six months- in providing uninterrupted power supply. He said in Hyderabad the era of stabilizers, inverters, converters and generators was over. He announced that Hyderabad people would soon have “island power supply" on the lines of Mumbai.

“In lsland power supply, all the power stations in the state are connected to Hyderabad city to ensure uninterrupted power supply. If one station fails, the other station will take care of it" the CM said.

KCR promised :

*Construction of 200 markets

*Construction of 200 public toilets

* Bus stations outside Hyderabad

* Two dedicated drinking water tanks

* Two additional rail terminals, one at Cherlapally

* Brics Bank loan from multilayered flyovers

* Every house will have a water connection and Krishna and Godavari water by 2019 under Bhagiratha program

* Second terminal at Shamshabad International Airport.

He urged the people to come out of their houses on polling day and vote in big numbers to increase voting percentage.

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