You are at PM Cameron Resigns As UK Votes To Leave EU

PM Cameron Resigns As UK Votes To Leave EU


British country has decided to exit from the European Union. Voters have voted in favor of Brexit: British exit from the European Union. Around 52% cotters have voted for 'Leave' campaign and 48% voted for Remain.The PM had urged the country to vote Remain but all his efforts went in vain. After the results out Prime minister Cameron resigned for his post and says that he thinks Britain should have a new Prime Minister

Britain's exit from EU will affect the British economy, immigration policy, and lots more. As per analysts it will take years for the full consequences to become clear. Etherised stock markets across the world is witnessing all time drops. The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985.The European Union involves 28 European countries and it was formed after second World War.The latest development will be the largest setback to European efforts to forge greater unity.

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