You are at Babu Killed NTR Indirectly : Roja

Babu Killed NTR Indirectly : Roja


Andhra Pradesh opposition party YSR Congress Party MLA Roja addressed the press at assembly media point and made sensational comments on AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu. On talking about the released footage of March 18th assembly session portraying YSRCP leaders in negative way, Roja slammed the speaker Kodela Siva Prasad for releasing the particular footages to media, she praised Telangana Assembly Speaker saying that he maintained the assembly decently by all holding all parties equally that’s why Telangana speaker doesn’t released the footage of TTDP leaders created nonsense in assembly.

She slammed AP Chandra Babu saying opposition party leaders as rowdies. She alleged Chandra Babu has stolen the party from Late Legendary NTR by killing him indirectly. She made an open challenge to Chandra Babu to reach the people with his own Party with his own Agenda and own flag like YS Jagan.

She questioned why in CM's own constituency Chandragiri, Chevireddy has won and in NTR's own Krishna District Kodali Nani has won. She concluded that the people in Chandragiri & Krishna District know the attitude of Chandra Babu and they never vote for him.

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