You are at Pawan Kalyan Poster tear up by Kapu Youth

Pawan Kalyan Poster tear up by Kapu Youth


The Kapu Garjana heat is crossing the borders of politics and hitting movies. The angry youth of the community in question are in no mood to calm down. Even though AP government promised to look after their demands the youth especially are waiting for a turn to show their anger. Amidst this chaos Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan called for emergent press meet and tried to maintain a balance talk not hurting the ruling party and in fact blamed Kapu youth for damaging public properties and causing inconvenience to public.

This did not go well with the Kapu youth who showed their anger - they tore up posters of Jana Sena Chief in some areas in Guntur and Repalle today. What is noteworthy is that it was the same youth who published these posters earlier. They even pledged to not see the actor's movies. They felt that Pawan was siding Chandrababu and it is not agreeable.

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