You are at YSRCP Legal Notice to Ramoji and Parakala!

YSRCP Legal Notice to Ramoji and Parakala!

Legal Notice to Ramoji and Parakala

YSRCP MLA Chevi Reddy Bhasker Reddy sent legal notices to Ramoji Rao and Parakala Prabhakar.  In a response to false allegations on hi, he had prepared these legal notice claiming reputation damage charges.

Few days back Andhra Pradesh spokesperson Parakala Prabhakar question CheviReddy on his father petition for government sponsored pension for poor. In hs statement he thrashed Chevireddy for these sort of false practices and questioned him and his party followers. In reply to that Chevi Reddy  “ My father never applied to that pension we have no information on how his name in the list. Officials also confirmed as no one claimed pension till now from that account. I was given an explanation to Eenadu , but they never cared my opinion and published false news. Today I am sending legal notices to both of them”. 

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