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It is Me who did the car accident : Salman Driver


Adding a new twist to the tale of hit-and-run case filed against Bollywood hero Salman Khan, the driver Ashok Singh has given a shocker of a statement earlier today. "I'm driving the car when the incident took place and Salman Bhai was sitting in the back seat," said Ashok Singh when prosecuted at the Mumbai Sessions Court!

Salman Khan, the main accused in this case has already given his statement a week back and with the new update from his driver, the case might take a new turn now. "The witness said that during the incident he was driving the car. And later the witness was cross examined. The final argument will be happening on 1st of April," said Pradeep Gharat, public prosecutor.

The actual incident took place on the night of September 27th, 2002 and the court has started the trail initially in 2006. Whether this hit-and-run case prolongs to another time period or ends in this summer has to be seen now. The maximum penalty in this regard would be 'ten years in prison' and nothing less or more than that!

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