You are at Summer challenge for 24/7 power supply in AP!

Summer challenge for 24/7 power supply in AP!


AP Government is facing the first big hurdle in the mammoth task of offering 24/7 power supply across the 13 districts as the gap between supply and demand is widening.

As the Summer has already begun, Demand for Power increased from 120 million units/per to 144.8 million units/day in just 1 week.

Hence, There is every need to increase the power production at the thermal stations. However, Coal shortage is proving to be a major concern now. While the Krishnapatnam thermal station had been closed, Vijayawada thermal station (Capacity - 1,760 MW; Outcome - 1,268 MW) and Rayalaseema thermal station (Capacity - 1,050 MW; Outcome - 712 MW) are generating below their capacity.

AP Tansco has appealed Mahanadi Coal Fields in Odisha to increase the supply from 58 percent 70 percent as there is requirement of 45,000 tonnes of coal per day.

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