You are at Rakhi serious allegations against ex-minister?

Rakhi serious allegations against ex-minister?

Exclusive: Rakhi levels serious allegations against ex-minister?

Call it her habit of hogging the limelight or her oblivion about what to say and what not to say. But there is no denying the fact that whenever Raki utters something out of her mouth, that is bound to mark the onset of one or the other controversy.

After failing in proving her worth in political aisles now this limelight moth has once again returned to showbiz and is reportedly working on a biopic based on the life of Crorepati bar dancer Tarannum Khan. Now that's not the news chunk where the controversy lies.

Actually the rhetoric gem of Rakhi which may mark the onset of a controversy in the grapevine is the one where she has alleged that and an ex-minister of Maharashtra government cabinet dealt with the issue pertaining to the closing of dance bars with a heavy hand because Tarannum Khan didn't give much lift and importance to him.

While sharing her views with media Rakhi didn't stop here only she further stated that she is not afraid of repercussions and would like to make people see the reality.

Now only god knows what Rakhi had in her mind and towards which unheard truth or reality she was talking about, but after hearing her openly alleging someone who is part of Maharashtra's active politics we are quite sure that if these remarks made by her didn't go well with the man in question, then Rakhi may end up being the quagmire of controversy and calamity.

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