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Chandrababu response to Pawan!


Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan warned TDP government on land acquisition process and threatened to launch an agitation to oppose any forcible acquisition of land from the farmers.

Pawan Kalyan has strongly objected collecting 32, 000 acres of land from farmers and questioned why govt need 32,000 acres land for constructing the capital. He said around 8,000 acres of land is sufficient for the capital city.

In an instant reactions made by the actor AP CM Chandrababu gave retort to the actor and says that TDP govt is planning to construct world class capital for the sake of future generations.

“We can even build the capital in a small area and construct a couple of buildings. Its all in our hands. We can construct in 1000 acres or 5000 acres. But, we want a capital which represents the future of the state and the aspirations of the people'' Said CBN

CBN also blamed Communist parties for opposing the land acquisition. He took pot-shots on CPI & CPM saying that they want 10 acres of land for constructing their party offices but they say only 500 acres were enough for constructing capital city.

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