You are at ‘Thumburu Theertha Mukkoti’ On March 23

‘Thumburu Theertha Mukkoti’ On March 23

Elaborate arrangements are being made for the conduct of 'Thumburu theertha mukkoti' on March 23. The festival, which coincides with the concluding day of the annual 'teppotsavam' at the hill town, attracts thousands of devotees from various parts of the State and neighbouring districts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The 'theertham' is located deep amidst the thick forests. Mythology has it that of all the 'theerthams' that bestow bhakti, jnana, vairagya , and mukti , the temple Pushkarini, Papavinasanam. Akasaganga, Thumburu, Kumaradhara, Ramakrishna, and Pandava 'theerthams' are the most sacred, and a holy dip in them is believed to bestow one of salvation. It is for this reason that many trek along the tedious pathway on the intervening night of the ensuing 'pournami'.

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