You are at TDP Targets Jagan in Paritala Murder Case!

TDP Targets Jagan in Paritala Murder Case!

Paritala Ravi's assassination has literally rocked political circles back those days. The same scene is going to be presented again?

When YSR was CM, TDP regarded the CBI as mere Congress Beaureau of Investigation. Now that the TDP has come to power, there are discussions on reopening the case and Home Minister made an announcement in this regard too!

He said that the case will be reopened and re-investigated. Earlier Paritala Sunitha too spoke about the case and said that the TDP will definitely reopen the case and investigate thoroughly to bring her husband's killers to book.

TDP leaders allege that Jagan played a crucial role in the assassination of Paritala although CBI acquitted Jagan.

As announced by Home Minister if the case reopens then Ravi group will rejoice and there will be worry in Jagan's camp. Already the opposition leader had had a 11th charge sheet filed against him in his DA and giving him sleepless nights and now Paritala case will add more to his woes!

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