You are at American Gun Dogs for AP police

American Gun Dogs for AP police

Yes! AP Police has concentrated more on providing Security and vigilance after the division of the state. It is to be learnt that AP Police would take the support of American Gun Dogs in this regard. These Dogs are from Spaniel community and famous for its Sniffing and Detecting operations.

 Gun Dogs played vital role in US Police wing. Gun Dogs have not more than 10 to 12 KGs in weight. These Dogs also haunt even Birds. They can easily get into the helicopter and can sniff down in the seats for investigation. Gun Dogs can able to catch through Sniffing till the Gun Range.

 Rajasthan Police is first to introduced Gun Dogs in India. They can easily work even in Hot Climate like in Rajasthan. Knowing this, AP Police brought three Gun Dogs and gave complete training. They useful to the Police during the CM visit. Currently, all are heavy and huge dogs in Police Department. They can’t able to get into Helicopter because of their size. But Gun Dogs may even jump into the Helicopter with ladder. As per the requirement AP Government decided to bring more Gun Dogs.

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