You are at Vijayawada, 2014 is not 1953!

Vijayawada, 2014 is not 1953!

Looks like with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu declaring Vijayawada as the temporary capital, the history may have taken one full turn. It is a known fact that Kurnool was chosen the capital of Andhra state formed in 1953. 

But not many are aware that Vijayawada was actually chosen to be the capital. The number of votes which were polled for Kurnool was believed to be less had not the Congress intervened in Madras Assembly. With Communists maintaining a stronghold over the city, Congress party reportedly insisted that apart from the votes from Telugu regions, even Tamil members should have voting rights over new capital and thus ensured that no capital was accorded in Vijayawada which was dominated by Communists. 

But now, it looks like finally due to the pull of caste politics or due to vengeance, finally the crucial city has its hall of fame after more than six decades and whether it would also be made a permanent capital is now the big question!

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