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Big Brother For Andhra, Younger Brother For T State?

At the time of Nagaram gas pipeline leakage, Congress leader, Rajya Sabha member and ex cabinet minister Chiranjeevi rushed to meet the families of those who died in the accident.

Similarly, following the unfortunate deaths of school children in Medak, Pawan Kalyan immediately rushed to Yashoda Hospital to express his solidarity to the families who lost their children.

Well, if one looks at it, it is quite obvious that the big brother is attending to matters in Andhra Pradesh and the younger brother is attending to matters in Telangana.

So those in political circles are wondering if this is a conscious decision taken by the brothers.

Pawan Kalyan announced the formation of his party Jana Sena to question the corrupt system. However, after elections, he went back to films and is busy completing his projects.

Meanwhile, he once again announced that the registration of his party was underway and there are strong rumours that he will dedicate his life to politics soon.

Given this scenario, it was surprising that Pawan Kalyan did not respond when the Nagaram incident happened. Incidentally, he did not make a statement at that time.

Hence, some feel that the brothers have made clear-cut demarcation of their area of operation, now that there are two Telugu speaking states.

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