You are at #AppWapsi backfires, Snapdeal’s app rankings to ri...

#AppWapsi backfires, Snapdeal’s app rankings to rise


Following Aamir Khan's controversial statements about the "growing disquiet in India" with reference to the growing Intolerance, there has been a huge widespread outrage across the country. This also affected the country's one of prominent e-commerce platforms Snapdeal, wick Aamir endorsers.

Within a short time, #AppWapsi protest trended on social media and nearly 1 lakh Snapdeal mobile apps have been uninstalled by angry Indians as a protest against Aamir Khan's statements. Meanwhile, Snapdeal issued a public statement in which it said that Aamir made those statements in is personal capacity and that the company has nothing to do with his comments.

But, all this outrage only helped Snapdeal to gain more publicity as the app has witnessed its popularity rise by several ranks upwards from November 23rd, the day Aamir first made the statements, Snapdeal's India rank in the Google Play Store was 28.

But couple of days after the wide outrage and protests, national media carried stories about Snapdeal efficient in turn resulted km the app's rank move up to 22, the e-commerce giant's single biggest jump in the rankings ever.

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