You are at ATM gave 26 lakhs for 200 rs in SR Nagar

ATM gave 26 lakhs for 200 rs in SR Nagar

An interesting and a quite shocking incident was happened in SR Nagar today.A student had shock of his life when he received Rs 26 lakh from the ATM while he wanted just Rs 200.

According to sources a student named Latif went to SR Nagar State Bank of Hyderabad ATM to draw a mere 200 rupees.But he was in shock when the ATM produced him with amount of 26 lakhs.The amount tumbled out because bank officials kept the money in the machine and left it without locking.

Stunned with the unexpected eventhe  immediately informed to the bank officials through toll-free number. Surprise to him the bank officials doesn’t pay heed to his request and said that it was not under their jurisdiction

As a result, the student informed about the incident to the S.R. Nagar police. The police officials, who reached the ATM thanked the boy and informed about the incident to the bank authorities.The ATM was not protected with CCTV camers and even it was not having a security guard also.

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