You are at Arrest them if they won’t work: CBN

Arrest them if they won’t work: CBN

Arrest them if they won’t work: Babu

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu ordered police department to take strict actions on the telecom officials if they failed to restore the services. He also given the powers to arrest them if any case they are not willing participate in relief activates of restoring telecommunications for VIzag city.

Chandrababu who is doing analysis on the loss and recovery plans said “I have asked police to arrest them and bring them to the meetings to review the situation,". He urged telecom companies to respond on priority. . Adding to this “People are in critical conditions, I request al the companies should respond on priority basis, please don’t look for profits in this critical time. Help people as much as you can”

Due to HUDHUD almost 70-80 percent of the towers are demolished. City lost its communication completely. Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived to verify the rescue activates of cyclone.

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