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KCR Addresses Revanth as Gentleman

No need of any introduction about the clash between Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and TDP Fire Brand Leader Revanth Reddy. An interesting development which took place between the two rivals in Telangana Assembly caught everyone's attention.

When Revanth Reddy tried to disrupt his speech, KCR addressed the Opposition MLA as 'Gentleman' much to the surprise of the Members. 'Gentleman..Mr.Reddy..I Will Answer,' KCR said to Revanth Reddy.

KCR explained he spoke in English as the Graduate (Revanth Reddy) will be able to understand it. He then asked, Does he need to speak in Urdu as well?

Chief Minister KCR recalled few parties trying to picturize Andhra Settlers as Villains during GHMC Polls. He then added, 'Our fight isn't against who came here for livelihood but those who were looting Telangana'.

What the real essence behind KCR addressing Revanth Reddy as 'Gentleman'? Unfortunately, Revanth was denied mike even after being treated as a Gentleman.

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