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Agri Gold Scam Victims To Stage Dharna At Haai Land

The agents and customers of the Agri Gold would hold a massive protest at Haai Land near Mangalagiri on June 15 to bring pressure on the Government to expedite the process of auctioning the Agri Gold assets and distribute the proceeds among the victims.

Speaking to Express, Agri Gold Customers and Agents Welfare Association state secretary V Tirupathi Rao said leaders of all political parties would be invited to support their cause. He said the Agri Gold management had collected thousands of crores of rupees from over 19.56 lakh customers using three lakh agents and wanted the Government and the political parties not to dismiss this as a mere financial scam. It is a people's issue as nearly 23 lakh people are affected. He said the State was ignoring the victims' plight and delaying the auction.

“We want the government to expedite the process of auctioning the assets of Agri Gold and to distribute the money to the victims at the earliest. We also demand the government to release and distribute Rs 1,000 on the spot to aid the victims,” he asserted. He said some of the victims have even ended their lives and said the Government can arrange payment of Rs 363 crore to eight lakh customers, who deposited less than Rs 10,000 with the Agri Gold.

Recalling the CM's and the ministers' statement that they would attach the assets of the leader of the Opposition, he said they should do the same thing with those involved in the Agri Gold scam. Stating that the Government itself has claimed that the assets were more than the debts, he asked the government to take over Agri Gold assets and do justice to the victims.

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