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Pakistani envoy welcomed Kher to visit Pak, But Kher rejects

In an interesting turn of events, Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit called Anupam Kher and expressed regret over the denial of visa to the legendary visa. Abdul Basit told Kher that whatever happened should not have had happened, reports Times Now. As per the TV channel, Basit said that miscommunication and confusion had led to the denial of visa and asked Kher to submit visa papers so that he could visit Pakistan.

However, Kher has declined the offer, saying that he had already given those dates away for some other function. Kher tweeted: Thank you Mr. @abasitpak1 for your call & offering me visa to visit Karachi. I appreciate it. Unfortunately i've given away those dates now

Anupam Kher was denied a visa to take part in the Karachi Literature Festival. What peeved the actor was that 17 other Indians, invited to the event, were granted visas. The climb down by the Pakistan High Commission is intriguing as they had maintained all along that they are yet to receive visa application and passport of the Bollywood actor so as to process his request. In response, Kher said, “Reality remains that Pak Interior Ministry refused to grant NOC for my visa. 17 others invited also didn't apply for visa.”

He also accused the Pakistan High Commission of lying on the claims that he never applied for visa. "Technically, they have to say something, if I haven't applied for it then on what basis Karachi Lit Festival had put my name, I didn't tell them to put my name. The Pakistan High Commission is lying, rest of the 17 people got visa only I was denied," he added.

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