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Watch: Viral video points to Air India’s ‘insensitivity’ in dealing with passengers

Viral video points to Air India's 'insensitivity' in dealing with passengers

Air India, the country's national carrier, has received widespread criticism on social media after a video posted on Facebook showing alleged 'insensitivity' of the airline officials has gone viral.

Shivendra Namdeo, who has uploaded the video on Facebook, has alleged that the airline officials did not allow him, along with a group of other passengers, to board the flight even though they were just five minutes past the reporting time.

“As Per the Message from AIR INDIA one should be within 45 mins from departure . . . . . & Even though PPL are 55 mins before departure. They are not allowed to enter," hewrote on Facebook.

The video, which has crossed 7,00,000 views on Facebook, shows the airline officials refusing to even heed to their complaint.

“Nothing is free boss. If you are late, you lose the ticket," an official could be heard saying in the video.

The video even features a girl, crying and begging the officials to allow her to board the flight. A female official however says, “Please control yourself."

The beleaguered airline, which has been making heavy losses for the past several years, has often faced the wrath of passengers in the past for its customer care services.


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