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​Pawan Kalyan Questions About Section 144!!


Pawan Kalyan threatened to launch a peaceful movement against TDP Government if its adamant on setting up Aqua Food Factory. 'What is the need for imposing Section 144 in the villages?,' he questions.Recently, Victims of Aqua Food Park being set up in Bhimavaram have met Jana Sena Chief to bring their plight to his notice. 'Aqua Food Park would pollute as many as 10 villages. Government even booked cases under Section 307 against them for protesting against the factory. Even women were harassed for questioning the injustice,' Farmers complained.

Much to everyone's surprise, Pawan Kalyan allowed Farmers to share stage with him during the press conference. He said Farmers and 40,000 fisherman are worried about the factory. 'I have no clue why Government wants to set up Aqua Food Park only at that region. Factories should be set up in the areas not suitable for agriculture.Government isn't even taking minimum measures.

This will lead to Caste politics in future. Its because of this style of functioning rivers like Ganga and Godavari are getting polluted. Why the Godavari districts MLAs and MPs weren't reacting on this issue? CPI Leaders were arrested for supporting the farmers. If Government is adamant, it would turn into yet another Nandigram. I called off my plans to visit Thundurthi village as tension prevailed there. High Court should constitute a committee to study the issue. Government should consider shifting the factory from Tundurthi to some other area. TDP need to remind it won all the Assembly seats in West Godavari. Why MP Gokaraju Gangaraju isn't reacting? When Modi took up the challenge to clean Ganga, BJP MP is trying to pollute Godavari. Farmers need to be patient,' he said.

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