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AP Govt Anounces Pay And Allowances For TDP Chairpersons


Andhra Pradesh government today fixed the pay and allowances for the newly appointed chairpersons. All the chairmen will get Rs 1 lakh as monthly salary apart from other allowances. State government in the recent past appointed many senior TDP leader as the chairpersons for various corporation. Though there has been intense pressure to fill the nominated posts, state government is cautiously moving on the appointment as it has to shell out huge sums as pay and allowances.

So far seven TDP leaders have been appointed chairperson to important corporations, They are :1. Smt. Panchumarti Anuradha, Chairperson,A.P. Women's Co-operative Finance Corporation Ltd., 2. Jupudi Prabhakar Rao, Chairman,A.P. Scheduled Castes Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd.,3. P. Ranganayakulu, Chairman,A.P.B.C Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited, 4. M.Linga Reddy, Chairman, A.P. State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited,5. Chalamalasetty Ramanujaya, Chairman,A.P. State Kapu Welfare and Development Corporation Ltd.,6. L.V.S.R.K. Prasad, Chairman,A.P. State Warehousing Corporation and 7. Varla Ramaiah, Chairman,A.P. State Housing Corporation Ltd.

They are now eligible for a monthly lump-sum salary of Rs 1,00,00. The are also eligible for Rent free accommodation, if government quarters is allotted or else he will be paid a House Rent Allowance of Rs.50,000/- on Uniform basis in lieu of rented or own house. They will be provided with a government vehicle, if government vehicle is not availed a sum of Rs.50,000 will be paid as conveyance allowance.

All chairpersons will get medical facilities on a par with AIS Officers/ Ministers. Every chairman is eligible to spend Rs 1,50,000 as one time-time grant on crockery and cutlery and Rs 3 lakh on furniture. As for protocol, they will treated as category –I and in their native districts they will be invited for all Government functions and their names should be printed on the invitation cards and plaques.

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