You are at Mudragada called off his indefinite fast

Mudragada called off his indefinite fast


The Kapu movement leader Mudragada Padmanabham called off his indefinite fasting. He spoke to media later saying that it was only after getting a concrete assurance from the government that he had decided to call off the strike. He said that he started off fast for the welfare of his community people and called off for their welfare.

Mudragada added that if Chandrababu Naidu fulfills the reservations promise they'd fall at CM's feet and even wash his feet. After discussions with AP ministers he spoke to media and thanked all those who rendered him support in the fast and even appealed to his wife, children and kapu ranks to call off their fasting. Mudragada said that the CM responded positively to their demands and that they wish the government will have encouragement to kapus with low income including reservations.

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