You are at Hyderabad US Consualte shifting to Madhapur

Hyderabad US Consualte shifting to Madhapur


Key organizations are in shifting spree in Hyderabad of Telangaan state.KCR already announced his plans to shift secretariat from Tank Bund to other place.Now as per sources plans were on to move the US consulate from Begumpet to Madhapur.Few inside officials reveal this news and the process is going to happen in next five years.US officials planning to build the new office with high standards.

The Hyderabad consulate facility opened on Oct 2008 with the capacity to process 100 visa applications in a day.The consulate first started interviewing visa applicants from 10 March 2009 and in a year's time it interviewed 100,000 applicants.But there were many complaints about the consulate in terms of facilities its providing to applicants. The consulate was in congested area and it will be facing issues such as security and space.Hence the oficilas decided to construct new posh building.

It was the United States government's first new consulate general anywhere in the world since 1985, and also the first new United States consulate general in India since its Independence in 1947.So, by about 2020, you will have to go to Madhapur instead of Begumpet to get your visa stamped.

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