You are at TTDP Leader Revanth Reddy warned TS CM

TTDP Leader Revanth Reddy warned TS CM


With TDP suffering yet another jolt in Telangana with Quthbullapur TDP legislator, KP Vivekanand, joining TRS, Revanth Reddy who after daring TRS that he'd take political retirement after Greater elections in case TRS got 100+ seats, shoot back at the ruling party with more venom. He expressed displeasure over one after another TDP leaders leaving the party and joining TRS. He lashed out at the pink wagon alleging that KCR is actually threatening TDP leaders at knife point to join their party. Revanth added that this is because the ruling is aiming to have a no opposition for their wrong doings in the state.

Revanth Reddy warned KCR about people watching all of this and be weary about it. At a media meeting in NTR Trust Bhavan Revanth made these remarks. He even demanded to bring an amendment in the parliament on party defections. How is Revanth alleging threats to TDP leaders? Is he having a proof, if so why is he not bringing it out? Or is it how generally people shift loyalties? Then is it so that in Andhra the TDP is threatening other party leaders on knife point?

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