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Classification of zones fishy, suspect farmers


While farmers and landowners are eyeing classification of the AP capital region in three different agri protection zones as suspicious, municipal administration minister P. Narayana said that the classification had been done based on fertility of the soil.

According to the capital city's master plan, all lands on the south, southwest and near the central zone are classified as Agri zone-2 – in Tadikonda, Amaravati, half of Kanchikacharla and parts of Medikonduru and Pedakaurpad mandals – and Agri zone-3, falling in Krosuru, Atchampet, Chandralapadu, Phirangipuram, Jaggaiahpet, parts of Pedakurpadu and Kanchikarala. These zones are reserved for future expansion of city.

The other zones around the capital are classified as Agri zone -1 wherein only purely agri and agri allied activities will be allowed. It has been reported that top TD leaders, both at the state and in the Centre, have purchased huge lands in Agri zone-2. The capital master plan says all activities in the proposed urban zones will be allowed in this zone which will be of help to the owners. Value of land in Agri zone-2 and Agri zone-3 will rise in the future whereas land value in Agri zone-1 will dip. One can, however, build farmhouses in Agri zone 1.

Mr Narayana said, “There are two plans – perspective plan and master plan – for the capital region of 33,000 acre. The side of the capital which is classified as Agri zone-1 is a more fertile delta land and forestland. So it has been declared as a green zone. However, the perspective plan will change every 10 years and the master plan every five years as per Section 38 of the CRDA Act. The side which is declared as Agri zones 2 and 3 have future expansion possibility. There is no favour being show to any leaders owning lands."

He said that the major difference between the previous draft plan and the final draft was realignment of roads like the Outer Ring Road and Inner Ring Road. “The first plan is based on satellite maps and now it is survey number based," he said.

However farmers are alleging that the mandals like Verullapadu, Vatsavai, Penuganchiprolu, Mylavaram, G Konduru and Nuziveedu are not fertile. G. Nageswar Rao, a farmer, said, “The delta area is restricted only to land downstream of Krishna. The big question is why do they want to expand the city towards the South?"
Mr Narayana said, “Depending on future needs, we can change the plan; farmers need not worry."

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