You are at Juveniles in Telangana are kept hale, hearty

Juveniles in Telangana are kept hale, hearty


The inmates at State Special Home for Juveniles at Saidabad undergo various kinds of training including vocational, sports, and cultural activities.

A school inside the home provides basic education for the kids. Officials say that the juveniles are also allowed to access education from outside if they want.

“The reformation process starts from the observation home, where juveniles are put up before the Juvenile Justice (JJ) board's decision regarding their case. There is a rigorous counseling process to understand what the kid wants to do in future. If the JJ board shifts the kid to the Special Home, there is a series of training courses for them including formal education," said Ms B. Shailaja, director of the Juvenile Welfare and Correctional Services department.Several inmates of the home have proved their mettle in sports and cultural activities. According to officials, most of the kids at the home were caught in theft cases, while a few were brought in for rape, hurt, kidnap.

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