You are at Ravindra Bharathi model is Top Notch!

Ravindra Bharathi model is Top Notch!

Spotted:Proposed Ravindra Bharathi model giving Goosebumps

One of the important cultural landmark of the city, Ravindra Bharathi, will soon fade into history. In its place, the Telangana government plans to construct an ultra-modern structure that will be in tune with "cultural and historical significance" of the city.

The design and architecture of the proposed new Ravindra Bharathi was revealed by CMO and it is getting good response and many started praising KCR.As per sources well-known architect, Hafeez Contractor briefed KCR on the design aspects of the proposed building for which the CM gave nod.

The new proposed building is planned to be in the shape of a large shiny pearl nestling in its shell. The government hopes that the new building will become as iconic as the Opera House in Sydney. The proposed structure will have a conference hall, gaming centers, restaurants and other facilities.

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