You are at Hitech attraction in this year's Cockfights

Hitech attraction in this year's Cockfights


In Spite of the court order, There is no stopping for cockfights during the Sankranthi season and even the TDP Leaders were getting involved in spite of the stern warning issued by District SPs. Cockfights were also organized at the fields beside National Highways not just in the villages.The bettings were in the range of Rs 5,000 to Lakhs in Krishna and Godavari districts. Drones, LEDs & Walkie-Talkies stood as centre of attraction in this year's Cockfights. Drones were used to film the cockfights, LED screens were arranged for the convenience of the huge crowds and Private Security were given Walkie-Talkies to manage the parkings of VIP vehicles. Flood Lights will come into effect after 5.30 PM as cockfights will be continued till the midnight. Even the prize money for the winners were on a grand note and they will be presented i10, i20 & other luxury items.

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