You are at Techies campaign for GHMC Polls

Techies campaign for GHMC Polls


The Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) has joined hands with an international political research and strategy organization 'Pramanya Strategy' to promote higher voter turnout rates in upcoming GHMC elections. The association has rolled out 'Awaz Do Hyderabad – Awaz Do Techies' campaign to encourage IT professionals to cast their votes in the upcoming elections.

'Awaz Do Hyderabad – Awaz Do Techies' campaign ensures that the power of setting election agenda lies with public who cast vote and not the political parties that seek votes. ' Pramanya Strategy' has successfully done similar kind of projects in the US. The agenda will be passed on to the political parties and the candidates so that they make an informed strategy while going out to seek votes and make promises.

An IVR phone number (8471055557) with multiple lines will be used for people to call and leave their messages for inclusion in the agenda. Similarly, Twitter handle '@awazdohyd' and a Facebook Page '@Awaz Do Techies' will be used for the campaign. Voters can also leave WhatsApp messages, give missed calls or post the message in social media using the hashtag #AwazDoHyd for the information. This project will run for next 2 weeks (until the GHMC Election Day) with a goal of promoting higher voter turnout rates by way of civic-engagement in the election process.

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