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Digvijaya Condemns KCR's Splurge On Telangana's Statehood Day Bash

Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh who played key role in state bifurcation has took pot-shots on Telangana Chief minister KCR for his hunger towards publicity. On the eve of state formation day Telangana government has issued advertisements to all newspapers in india. All news agencies including national, sub-local, local, regional got the advertisements in a four-page jacket.

Digvijay took to twitter to and blamed KCR for spending huge amount for his own publicity. Digvijay added that it was only KCR'S family who benefitted in the last two years. Digvijay wrote "KCR celebrating and putting huge ads worth 100s of crores. Another Nero in the celebration mode when poor people are dying. Shame on you KCR! In two years we have seen only KCR Family benefiting. Farmers are committing suicides people are dying of heat stroke unemployment growing."

He also took the opportunity to praise their party chief Sonia Gnadhi and said that it was only efforts of Sonia which made Telangana a reality. "Greetings to all in Telengana and we thank Sonia Gandhi to give Statehood accepting the long standing demand of the People of Telengana." Diggi added

As per some unofficial reports state govt have spent over Rs 200 crore, for the publicity expenses on state's second formation day. Opposition leaders slammed KCR for wasting the money in the name of celebrations at a time when people were dying with draught.

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