You are at Errabelli Dayakar Rao Comments on KCR

Errabelli Dayakar Rao Comments on KCR

You should learn from others : Errabelli

TTDP floor leader Errabelli once again took on KCR on his failures. Errabelli thrashed KCR with his satirical comments. Speaking to media Errabelli expressed TDP will will slam ruling party in assembly.

Errabelli suggested KCR to learn from other states. He questioned the requirement of various surveys in the state. In a statement he said " I am not understanding why this government doing many surveys. They are not able to give facilities to Telangana people. Under TRS ruling state going 10 years back. Does it not possible to collect all the information in one survey. Whats the need to to every time for every thing. KCR should learn from other state how to rule the state."

Adding to this he called TDP followers to protest against electricity issue. He urged ruling party to provide 8 hours power to farmers to save their life. On the other side even Congress called protests on this issue.

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