You are at Missing Aussie Dead, Confirms Police

Missing Aussie Dead, Confirms Police

Questions on safety of people arises once again in Puttaparthi. Australian Toni Anne Ludgate, 75, has been ­missing since September 15

 and no progress has been made in this case so far. Ms Ludgate was on an ­annual pilgrimage for doing charity work in an ashram.

She was residing in Sai Apartments since few days. Her friend Grite D Sustar lodged a complaint 20 days ago informing about her going missing. Police investigated in Bengaluru, Kerala regions for clues about Toni but were fruitless.

Police searched Toni's apartment in Puttaparthi and found her ticket to fly back on October 17. Police are suspecting watchman of Toni's Apartment and took him under custody for investigation. Police seem to believe that Toni was murdered and buried her but still didn't confirm it officially.

She was a regular at the Prasanthi Nilayam ashram and friends there have been liaising with police and helping her family.

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