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Chiranjeevi Condemns Rumours on Joining in BJP


'Samajika Nyayam' was the slogan and single point agenda of Chiranjeevi's political outfit during its launch and till its merge in Congress. The latest we hear is that his search for 'Social Justice' is still on and he wants to achieve it through BJP, shortly, its about rumors on Chiru joining BJP. The Megastar took a while and came out condemning all the rumors about his interests in jumping to BJP from Congress. Speaking directly about the rumors, Chiru declared that he is a Congressman and will be it till the end of his political journey, asking to stop speculating on his party-changing-plans.

There were rumors that Chiranjeevi is just waiting for his Rajya Sabha tenure to end and he will join either Jana sena to join hands with Pawan Kalyan or he will shake hands with Jagan to accept his 'bumper' offer. But ruling out all the rumors about his political future and jumping acts, Chiranjeevi requests to stop spreading them.

As it looks like Congress is permanent adda for Megastar, there are people who say that it is the same Chiru who expressed his anguish on media for publishing PRP merger news earlier the actual act. As there are no big political fans for Chiru now, his political decisions and moves don't have prominence. What his movie fans are expecting is his 151st movie and that too gets evaporated if Megastar takes much time than this. So make a note of this, Chiru belongs to Congress... until he moves to any other party in future!

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