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Mobile Companies Shocked At People's Intelligence

Whenever a corporate business comes forward with a product or service, the end user tends to find it fancy but as he/she pays the bill for it, the reality strikes. This has been the name of the game from long. But in the last few years, the customer has developed enough wisdom and street smartness to find ways to shocking the seller.

This is the phase many mobile network companies are going through right now. After the arrival of the chat application Whatsapp, the customers are using it in a smarter way. For instance, when the connection gets disconnected due to nonpayment of bill, they are not getting panic struck.

Since it is nowhere connected to mobile they are connecting through wifi to Whatsapp and sending voice messages. That way, they are using Whatsapp as a phone. Added to that, these days wi-fi services have become extensive in coffee shops and other joints. As it is, the companies already have free wi-fi. Earlier, when bills were cut the people used to run and pay but now they are taking it easy and paying at their own leisure. Due to this, sources say the collections are not happening properly and mobile network companies are having a tough time. It looks like they need to come up with something better to get their bill payments done then. 

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