You are at 600 Complaints To KCR Corruption Call

600 Complaints To KCR Corruption Call

KCR'S 'corruption hotline' restored now

Telangana CM KCR was very much committed to corruption free society and he said he will skin out people who demanded bribe for doing work for people. He also gave phone number and asked the people to register complaint if anyone demands bribe. He  went on to announce a to be toll-free number — 040-23454071.

But the shock came when people tried to call this number.It belongs to the Arogyasri call centre (104 services) and it accepts questions related to the medical service.Interestingly, it caters to both telugu states and giving replies saying “Dial 1 for AP, Dial 2 for Telangana,”

The issue turned as hot topic within hours and it escalated to TRS sources.After knowing about the mistake they immediately resorted to corrective measures. TRS govt asked the Aarogyasri staff to take the complaints on the same number. 600 complaints were registered on this hotline till now .We need to see what measures TRS govt will take to resolve those complaints.

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