You are at Swine Flu : Patients missed from Hospitals!

Swine Flu : Patients missed from Hospitals!

As many as 20 Swine Flu patients undergoing treatment at various hospitals in Hyderabad has gone missing in the past 3 days.

The latest fear of Telangana Government is the fact that missing of Swine Flu patients will eventually lead to severe outbreak of H1N1 virus. Sadly, The hospitals didn't even have the details of these patients.

Telangana Government is planning to cancel the licenses of private hospitals who acted in an irresponsible manner while dealing with a life-threatening disease like Swine Flu. More then 20 Hospitals were in the hit list of the Authorities and show-cause notices were already served to few of them.

Swine Flu death toll in Telangana reached 22 in January 2015 alone. That shows how fastly the virus has been spreading in the state.

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