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Sania Mirza Gets Loads Of Publicity For Swachcha Bharat!

Usually, the rich and famous refrain from ‘cleaning’ jobs. But an international celebrity like Sania Mirza got inspired by Narendra Modi’s Swachcha Bharat campaign and took to cleaning her surroundings.

In the past, Sania would play her game and not be involved in philanthropic activities. Right now, she has stepped out and got involved in cleaning her surroundings. This many say is a huge step coming from her.

Till now, Sania managed to get Rs 2 crore from KCR government as the Telangana brand ambassador. So, she has been extending her total support to the KCR government.

All dressed for the occasion, she has cleaned the roads and even had encouraging words to say to others to join the drive.

In fact, media gave extensive coverage to Sania’s cleaning act. Apparently, she even kept a few photographs and videos of the event just in case she will have to show them to Narendra Modi.

Sania seems to be hoping that Modi too will compensate her in some way just like KCR had done. Since her game is not very great, she is concentrating on such social activities to get by. Well, everything a beautiful person does is beautiful.

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