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PM Modi Gives Out 7 Point Mantra To Partymen

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave out a seven point mantra to his partymen as they party has expanded to huge base, hence had more responsibility.

Stressing on building character, Modi in his concluding remarks at the two-day national executive meeting talked about 7S. Seva Bhav (sense of service), Santulan (balance), Sakaratmak (positivity), Samvad (dialogue) Samvedna (sensitivity), Saiyam (patience), Samanvay (coordination) were the mantra given by Modi during his speech.

As a word of caution to partymen as expanded base, Modi said, “Country's people were no longer satisfied by slogans. They worry about how country is getting stronger.”

Talking about the “historic moment” that his party was witnessing, Modi said Country's politics was taking a turn. “2014 was an important turn when BJP established itself as a strong party. 2016 has its own significance as two years of government have been completed successfully,” senior leader Arun Jaitley said quoting Modi's speech.

PM Modi said, “We are watching history being made when crores of people worked, now we are getting its fruits. Like people who built the organisation. We are in states and centre we should not power as granted and work for the society's benefits.”

He asked them not to arrogate themselves to power after the recent electoral successes, but asked them to work for the empowerment of people.

Shah said BJP would now focus on seven states to make party strong in Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra and Telangana.

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