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YS Jagan Says Babu Scared of Telling Truth to Farmers!

YSRC chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy called upon party workers to be ready to take up massive agitations to mount pressure on the Telugu Desam government and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to ensure that election promises are fulfilled.

He alleged that Mr Naidu has been lying and cheating innocent voters. Speaking to party workers in Ongole on Tuesday, Mr Reddy said that if Mr Naidu tells the truth, people will pelt stones at him.

He said that while Rs 85,000 crore is needed to waive crop loans, the government had only released Rs 5,000 crore for implementing the loan waiver scheme.

He said that farmers and self help group women would have to pay Rs 14,000 crore as interest to the banks for the delay in waiving their loans, adding that this is an additional burden on poor people.

“The voters, who believed in Mr Naidu’s assurances, voted for the TD. The ‘Narendra Modi factor’ also worked in his favour and that led the TD to victory in the state”, Mr Reddy said.

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