You are at Shame : Man Standing on Tortoise!!

Shame : Man Standing on Tortoise!!


In a shameful act, a man caught clicking himself by standing on a giant tortoise. This happened in Nehru Zoological Park, Bahadurpura in Hyderabad.This incident came to light when the culprit's photos revolving in net. some facebook users shared these pics. Police took the suspect in custody and investigation is going on.

It was suspected that these photos were taken sometime in june or july 2015. He also posted some other pics with birds and peacocks. Zoo Curator Rama Krishna Rao responded on this issue. He told, no one will be allowed inside as there will be some wide animals along with birds and small animals. Suspected might have entered while the staff putting food inside the cages between 9 to 10.30 AM.

Police told that they identified the suspected as Fhajal Shake from Hyderabad.

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