You are at Gandhi Beer By US Company Creates Controversy

Gandhi Beer By US Company Creates Controversy

The use of Mahatma Gandhi’s image on beer cans and bottle by a United States company has raised controversy.The New England Brewing Co. makes a special brand liquor and named it as "Gandhi-Bot" .The label of the bottle features a robot-like figure whose face resembles Gandhi. Many of the Upset Indo-Americans have urged  Brewing Company to immediately withdraw its "Gandhi" beer and called it as highly inappropriate.

The act of the US based company hurts sentiments of many people and here comes the fitting reply to the supreme state.In retaliation against the launch of Gandhi-Bot beer a Kerala-based footwear company  has  designed 100 pairs of George Washington range of slippers.

The slippers having American first president  Washington  photo.These specially made slippers will be put on display in front of the US embassy in New Delhi on January 26 to grab the attention of US President Barack Obama,

Apart from that the company also planning to send  fifty pairs of slippers to Governors of all 50 States,They also having plans to send the Washington slippers to  offices of US President, Vice-President, Speaker of US Parliament, Chief Justice and Leader of Opposition.

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