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Online Salaries to AP employees

This is the first step of AP Government towards e-governance. AP Government has decided to pay monthly salaries in online to its employees. It will affect from September 01st onwards. 

By this, Treasury of AP Government need not submit monthly Schedules to the banks. Salaries of 4 lacs Government employees and pensions of 3.5 lacs retired employees will be credited to their salary accounts in 13 districts. 

 All Government employees and retired employees will sure to receive their salaries by 01st of every month automatically. So far, Treasury department could gather bills of all departments across the state and prepare the bills for salaries. It could submit the prepared bills by the end of 20th of every month. 

Treasury department can deposit the amount in Employees accounts. Sometimes employees received their salaries lately because of delay in this process. AP Government decision might stop delay in getting their salaries to the employees. It also helps to reduce paper less work for the government.

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