You are at T Congress Leader Jaipal Reddy Fires on CM KCR

T Congress Leader Jaipal Reddy Fires on CM KCR


Congress senior leader S Jaipal Reddy slammed Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for attacking Congress and showering praises on BJP. On Telangana Formation Day, Jaipal Reddy said: 'Sonia Gandhi should get the credit for the creation of Telangana statehood, not KCR. The indefinite fact taken up by KCR seeking separate state is a fake one complete details of it were in NIMS Hospital'.

The Former Union Minister alleged K Chandrasekhar Rao have a secret deal with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He opined KCR is the kind of person who doesn't praise anyone if he doesn't want any return favor. On the other hand, Congress leaders Sarve Satyanarayana and Shabbir Ali accused KCR of ruling the state like a Monarch and ignoring the welfare, development programmes. They alleged most of the members in KCR's Cabinet are Telangana Traitors.

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