You are at TRS is a Family Party: Kishan Reddy

TRS is a Family Party: Kishan Reddy

Telangana BJP state leader Kishan Reddy made shocking claims on the Telangana regional parties. He commented all the parties in state and claimedas they are treating party as family property. In a surprise he included BJP ally TDP as well in to this list.

Kishan Reddy who responding on farmers suicides issue made interesting comments.He siad" TRS, Congress and TDP parties become family properties. The chief's in these parties feels party as their own property. Especially TRS has more such people. KCR, KTR and Harish Rao only answering opposition questions. Why they are giving any opportunity to other ministers. I condemn their attitude i controlling others freedom". He also demanded explanation from ruling party on removing of pensions to eligible aged people.  Threatened to sit on protest if government fails to fulfill its commitments.

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