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Secretariat Staff To Be Divided On Nativity


A major hurdle for Andhra Pradesh to shift its staff from Hyderabad to its temporary capital in Velagapudi in Guntur district has been cleared by the C R Kamalanathan Committee.

The Committee, which will bifurcate state cadre employees of combined Andhra Pradesh between AP and TS, met at the AP Secretariat in Hyderabad on Saturday and amicably resolved the division of Section Officers (SOs), Assistant Section Officers (ASOs) and fourth grade employees like drivers and attenders. It has decided to allocate employees on the basis of nativity. The bifurcation of staff will be would be an advantage for AP, which is keen to run its administration from the temporary capital.

Earlier there were disputes among employees with a majority of SOs and ASOs being natives of AP. TS employees objected to Andhra native SOs and ASOs being allocated to TS secretariat as it would end their promotional channel. Similarly a majority of fourth grade employees in the Secretariat are from Telangana and they were not willing to go to AP.

However, on Saturday, the Kamalanathan Committee discussed with the Chief Secretaries of both AP and TS and resolved the matter amicably. Both the state governments agreed to the allocation of SOs and ASOs as per their nativity. According to sources, 75 section officers, natives of TS, were currently working in the AP secretariat. Another 78 section officers or ASOs, natives of AP, are working in TS. Based on their nativity they would be repatriated to their respective states.

According to sources, the combined AP secretariat had 1,409 section officers and assistant section officers. Of them, 579 are SOs and 831 are ASOs. Employees working in the State Secretariat, irrespective of their designation, including drivers and attenders, will be considered as State Cadre employees and they would be allocated to both the States. However, TS agreed to keep all fourth grade employees of TS nativity in the TS secretariat and also decided to bring back those fourth grade employees working in the AP secretariat.

Accordingly, 236 fourth grade employees currently working in the AP secretariat need not go to Velagapudi and they would come to the TS secretariat in the final allocation. Though, the Kamalanathan Committee completed the allocation of 84 departments out of total 90 departments, the bifurcation of SOs and ASOs of Secretariat was not done so far. Had it not been done, it would have been a major hurdle for the normal functioning of the temporary secretariat of AP at Velagapudi.

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