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Download Mobile App 'ApSpeaks' to reach Chandra Babu!

Naidu launches APSpeaks

Tech savvy Chandrabbau Naidu coming up with smart ideas to reach the people in better way.The government of Andhra Pradesh has started something new to reach out the people with unique idea.

Chandrababu naidu launched a dedicated mobile app Apspeaks which enable citizens to communicate with government.This was the platform for the people of AP to give ideas, opinions and feedback on various issues.

It allows every smartphone user to share his or her idea with the government. It promises that the ideas, which can be posted in a simple text message, will be considered by the government

Naidu unveiled this application through his micro-blogging page Twitter. Sharing the news, CBN wrote, "We are a listening government. Speak to us through our app 'AP Speaks' with your ideas & feedback. Download here:";

The Facebook official page posted a video on Naidu launching this. AP Speaks App is the India's first Feedback Application that enables citizens to know about the performance of the government. Hope this inclusion in the e-gov services will take the government through the path of development and welfare.

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