You are at Sania upset with twitter comments!

Sania upset with twitter comments!

Tennis star Sania Mirza has given a clarification to her controversial remark there is no respect to women in India. "I did NOT say that there is no respect for women in India. And I would never be where I am today if the country had'nt given me all this love, but I am fortunate, very fortunate. There are millions of women who are less fortunate in this part of the world, have been victims of abuse, physical or sexual, have not been allowed to follow their dreams cause they were a 'girl'! So whether you guys like to accept it or not, this is the truth," she conveys.

The Hyderabadi Sensation remains firm on her other statement that she would not have faced certain unnecessary controversies had if she is a man.

Sania Mirza also gave fitting replay to those who have been abusing her on Twitter. "Some language that is being used here on twitter doesn't seem too respectful to me!! So some of you need to clean your tongue first before wanting to claim that you respect women and people in general!," shots back the sports woman.

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