You are at BJP Leader Kishan Reddy Slams Harish Rao

BJP Leader Kishan Reddy Slams Harish Rao

He dint do any insult to MP: Kishan Reddy

Telangana BJP leader Kishan Reddy demanded ruling party to revoke ban on TDP MLA's and urged them to allow discussion in transparent way. Kishan Reddy slammed Harish Rao on his false claims and his trails of wrong directions in managing assembly activities.

At first BJP floor leader Lakshman had raised TDP MLA's suspension issue triggered arguments between BJP and TRS MLA's. Home minister Nayani condemned BJP claims and demanded their authorization in questioning government decision. He shown recent Maharshtra MLA's suspension as an example for TRS decision. But Kishan Reddy took the mike after Lakshman slammed TRS party with his harsh comments and dubbed TRS claims. Kishan Reddy said " I ave seen the records, no where TDP leader insulted TRS MP. He just asked the questions based on media notes. Then how can you guys suspend him". Minister Harish Rao tried to explain the situation but he countered by Kishan Reddy immediately.

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